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Relaxation and recuperation The Healthy Way of Living

The International Trade Fair and Exhibition area for Spa & Wellness professionals:

The Healthy World of Living attract the professionals related to Apparel and Accessories, Aromatherapeutic products, Body Treatments, Education and Training, Health and Organic Food, Massage Oils and Cream, Music and Sounds, Nail and Foot Care, Body and Skin Care, Spa Equipment, Wellness Programmes.

Name :Health, Wellness & Beauty
Industry Sector :Health & Beauty
Date :365 days Expo
Frequency :Annual
Public access :Yes
B2B Communication :Yes
Organising Office :Apex Expo
Business Details :High level discussions and networking held across 5 days

Platform for sourcing and trading of spa technologies, services and financing solutions
Visitors can look forward to a rich showcase of exciting, spa and healthy living options already available or soon to be available to the public.

Interactive Exhibitor Talk sessions showcasing the latest technologies
Participate in live demonstrations, in-depth tutorials, discussions and presentations. Get up-to-date information on the latest beauty and healthy living services and spa products.

Trends and innovations
Clients' expectation of a holistic well-being experience are constantly growing. The bathing culture thousands of years old. Natural resources have always been used, and are the basis for further growth potential of the wellness and spa industry including .

Spa & Wellness conference
The Spa & Wellness conference is aimed at various target groups, like for operators of wellness hotels, for physiotherapists, sports medics and therapists, operators of fitness studio and trainers.
The conference themes are from the following areas:

  • Beauty Spa
  • Fitness Spa
  • Medical Wellness
  • Health Food
  • Spa Education
  • Spa Consulting and Investment
  • Spa Hospitality & Tourism
  • Spa Design
  • Traditional Medicine
  • Healthcare and Therapy
  • Health Supplements
  • Equipment and related Services
  • Research and Development
  • Make-up artists
  • other professionals with treatments, ideas

Network and do business with industry thought leaders
Meet the who's who in the beauty , spa and health industry. Leading clean energy organisations from around the world will be exhibiting at the Trade Fair.

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