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Our Goal: to promote, care and research for International Help and support with local and international partners >>

our goal is that we get international cities and areas to get to know each other better. This promotes the intercultural exchange between these respective cities like Tourism, Cultural visits and many others.

Our Workplace >>

for the enhancement of Communication between these areas we also offer an Online-network and communication system. Even though the use of Online-networks may seem very practical, now more than ever the first contact is very important… out of this reason Alpha Academy supports Partnerships programs that offer the opportunities to individually help individuals, and organisations.

Our Vision >>

To promote peace and friendship between cities, cultures, countries and areas and support the general access to education and information creating a cultural and educational richness that supports all of the partners.

Our Mission >>

Our contribution to the development and support of peace through the offering of Partner-relationships, will also impact on helping the poor, help the development of general knowledge through the support of the intercultural learning of that areas respective science, culture, Information and Communication.

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The Alpha Academy , a non-profit organization ( NPO )

International Association with professional network

Our goal is creation and realization of projects , which generally improves the quality of life of modern society. Most projects take place in the area of education, health and environmental protection.

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