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The Arts Club

is a global creative online collaboration platform and a social media marketing fair and drive social media engagement and reach new audiences.

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Connect your brand to the creative community of designers, painters, musicians and photographers
Invite artists to a digital media experience which enables artists and creators to collaborate with your brand on creative projects, more >>

Stage 1: Submissions More>>

  • An open call for submissions
  • Brand sets out a creative brief for anyone to enter
  • During the submission period, the campaign is promoted through Apex Communication World,
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the host’s own social channels, and media partners

Stage 2: Open Review More>>

  • Public Apex Communication World, Facebook and Twitter social selection driving engagement and peer-to-peer conversations.
  • Artists who have entered the Creative Invite share their piece through social media for their friends and fans to share

Stage 3: Artists Selected more>>

  • Brand selects artists work which may be used across their paid, owned and earned channels.
  • After the selected artists are announced, infinite content, stories, and success follow up
  • After every campaign, Arts Lovers Club also provides a post campaign report for the brand


The Alpha Acdemy has developed The Arts Club to identifies and support the next generation of artists in visual, literary, design and performing arts, assists them in their educational and professional development.


The Arts Club provides these artists with validation by renowned mentors, access to significant scholarships, recognition and other opportunities to help ensure that the artists are encouraged to pursue careers in the arts.

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