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(Expiry Date: 27.02.2024)

Announcements are used in MyCourses by the instructor to communicate information to students. At their core, they should be short and simple items that fulfill one or more of the following

MyCourses Central is the college’s supported lea

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rning management system. It is powered by Brightspace by D2L and a vetted, supported collection of integrated tools. All instructors have a MyCourses course that corresponds to each course section that you are scheduled to teach. Students are enrolled into each MyCourses course according to enrollment information found in Grizzly Den. Student enrollments are updated on a nightly basis. If a student is removed from the official course roster in Grizzly Den they will also be removed from MyCourses. MyCourses administration and support is provided by Georgia Gwinnett College’s Information Technology Department. This first section of MyCourses Central will introduce you to the navigation and layout of a MyCourses course.