Apex Around-the-World-Tours

Around the World in 90 Days: Your Journey with Apex Travel Club

Minimum 8 Days: Choose your adventure, starting with just 8 days.
Maximum 90 Days: Extend your journey up to 90 days.
Flexible Options: Combine 8-day segments or opt for a continuous 90-day.
New : Fresh experiences begin every 90 days.

Explore the Globe in with the Apex Travel Club

Unlock extraordinary experiences with our exclusive member-to-member tours:

Connect with Local Experts: Immerse yourself in Tokyo's culinary scene with a world-renowned sushi chef or delve into Parisian art at the Louvre with a local historian.

Experience Major Sports Events: Get close to the action at the Super Bowl or the FIFA World Cup, gaining exclusive insights and mingling with sports enthusiasts.

Golf Enthusiast's Paradise: Tee off at prestigious tournaments like The Masters, watching pros and receiving tips from seasoned golfers.

Culinary Adventures: Embark on gastronomic journeys, from wine tours in Bordeaux to truffle hunting in Italy, led by renowned chefs.

Meet Apex Expert Partners: Connect with apex experts worldwide, from tech innovators in Silicon Valley to fashion icons in Milan.

Tailored Journeys: Customize your adventure. Attend a single event or fully immerse yourself in the Apex Member Club Travel experience.

Discover Natural Marvels: Explore the wonders of nature, including the Amazon Rainforest, the pristine beauty of Halong Bay, the majesty of Table Mountain, the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon, the unique Waimea Canyon in Hawaii, and Canada's breathtaking Columbia Icefield.

Experience Bustling Cities: Immerse yourself in dynamic urban centers like Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Sydney, San Francisco, Auckland, Honolulu, and more.

Natural Wonders: Witness awe-inspiring landscapes at Mount Everest, Victoria Falls, and the Grand Canyon.

Underwater Wonders: Dive into mysteries beneath the waves at the Belize Barrier Reef and the Great Barrier Reef.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Immerse in cultural and historical significance at new UNESCO World Heritage Sites worldwide.

Around-the-World Journey in 90 Days: Unveiling Earth's Wonders, One Apex-Expert Encounter at a Time!

Your adventure begins here, whether it's 8 days or a grand 180-day exploration.