Apex Safari


Apex Multiverse International Real Estate is a global network of leading real estate firms offering luxury properties around the world. Our network includes 138 Affiliated brokerages in 46 countries. Search our catalogue of more than 15,000+ fine homes worldwide and discover the luxury property of your dreams.

Apex Safari

As a member of the Apex Luxury Collection, you have exclusive access to our network of trusted experts who are passionate about luxury and dedicated to providing unparalleled service. From renowned hoteliers to celebrated chefs, our experts share their insider knowledge and expertise to elevate your luxury journey. Through our member-to-member networks, you can connect with like-minded individuals who understand your desire for excellence and gain valuable insights and recommendations.

Trust is paramount in our community. We carefully vet each member of our network to ensure their expertise and commitment to delivering the highest level of service. You can trust the recommendations and advice you receive from our esteemed experts, knowing they have earned their place in our exclusive community.

Being part of the Apex Luxury Collection comes with a multitude of benefits. Enjoy privileged experiences, personalized concierge services, and tailored offers that cater to your preferences. Our community is designed to enhance your luxury lifestyle and provide you with unique opportunities and advantages.

Join us in the Apex Luxury Collection and immerse yourself in a world of refined elegance and genuine expertise. Experience luxury like never before with our trusted member-to-member networks, where trust is fostered, and exceptional benefits await.