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"Apex Pro Tennis Tours – Elevating Tennis Excellence Worldwide!"

"Immerse yourself in the world of golf and be part of the extraordinary Apex Pro Tennis tournament series. Whether you're a seasoned pro or an aspiring talent, our series offers you the platform to shine on world-class golf courses."


Worldwide Tournaments: Play on premier golf courses around the globe, including Spain, the USA, Asia, Australia, Arabia, and South Africa. Experience the thrill of international competition.

Prise Money That Soars

Prize Money That Soars: Win a minimum of $50,000 in each tournament, with prize levels that rise. Thanks to generous sponsors from local businesses and individuals, the sky's the limit!

Nurturing Young Golfers and Talent:

Our mission is to support the future of golf by nurturing young golfers and talents. Join us for a gala evening with awards, a glamorous fashion show, and a 5-day expo dedicated to golf and more.

Golf Winter Series:

Don't miss our exclusive Golf Winter Series taking place from November to March, featuring ProAms and tournaments. Elevate your golf game even during the colder months.

Event Schedule:

Prize Presentation Gala: On the last evening after the tournament
ProAm Tournament: The next day, followed by a festival with balloons across the golf course
Local Dance Event: Join us for a vibrant local dance event
Ongoing Expo: Enjoy the expo throughout the event
"Sign up now and be part of this unique golfing experience. Elevate your golf game to the next level and become a champion of the Apex Golf Grand Slam Series!"

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